I would like to say that I am a 5th generation beekeeper, but I'm not ! In my heart I am, but I am a 1st gen. Like most beekeepers this hobby quickly turned to an obsession. It appears bees multiply quicker than rabbits & 2 hives turned into 14.

I'm not a person to sit & watch, so I dove in the deep end to begin this educational climb. From day courses, night classes & university courses all interlaced with mentors, peers & club classes. The book shelf sags & zoom scientists are regular visitors to my lounge! To date a plateau has not been reached & there is still much to learn.

The Honeybee opened my eyes to other pollinators, their plight & how our farm practices clashed with their survival. This has lead me to my mission, to create a pollinator oasis in the heart of rural agricultural land. We can quantify Honeybees & their losses but other pollinators are just as much, if not more at risk. They suffer daily loss from declining habitat, loss of food source, nest sites & pesticide poisoning. With this in mind we have returned areas back to wild flowers & grasses. Planted fruit trees & allowed weeds to enjoy a little of our lawns! Everything planned & planted with rich nectar sources, nesting & breeding in mind.  This is a worthwhile endeavor, as are the negotiations with neighbors & honey deposited on doorsteps to sweeten the deals. 

I have found a love of teaching the young , watching them spot a Queen, listen to the hive buzz & gawk when the observation hive is uncovered. The work to create this oasis & inspire is always a forward moving plan. I hope to assist, educate & mentor anyone curious or willing listen. 

The 2nd generation, already passionate about the pollinators & a friend to the Honeybee.


 The able assistant , who without, non of this would happen. Woodwork skills , planting guru, swarm catcher, heavy lifter & unwavering support  make this a reality.

The bee sting guru & master of eating the flying jalapenos !

The girls (&boys) , the Italian's, the Carniolan's & the Saskatraz. Plus the many wild ones that now inhabit our home!